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Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

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Volume 6, No. 3, 2014

Scientometric Properties of Education in Medicine Journal
Muhamad Saiful Bahri Yusoff
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Original Article

Assessment of Health Disparities Related Academic Preparation among Public Health Department Staff
Marla B Hall, Jeffrey J Guidry, E Lisako J McKyer, Corliss Outley, Danny Ballard
Full Text (PDF)

Professional Conduct of Clinical Teachers: Perspectives of Medical Students
Harlina H Siraj, Salam A, Juriza I, Zaleha A Mahdy, Nabishah M
Full Text (PDF)

Stressors, Coursework Stress and Coping Strategies among Medical Students in a Private Medical School of Karachi, Pakistan
Darayus Percy Gazder, Farah Ahmad, Syed Hasan Danish
Full Text (PDF)

Physiotherapy Students Perception of their Educational Environment: A study to Identify the Areas of Concern for Remedial Measures at Two Schools of Physiotherapy in Malaysia
Bhavani Veasuvalingam, Hafiza Arzuman
Full Text (PDF)


Consulting the Internet: Using Online Search Engines and Its Impact on the Practice of Medicine in the 21st Century
Cheng Chris-Tin, Fatimah Lateef
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Revitalizing Community and Family Case Study (CFCS) Programme
Fahisham Taib, Nik Mohd Rizal Mohd Fakri
Full Text (PDF)

Book Review: Community Based Education in Health Professions
Shankar PR
Full Text (PDF)

Medical Education Research and the Ethics of Different Publication Models
Muhamad Saiful Bahri Yusoff, Lynn Monrouxe
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Short Communication

Learning Styles of Premedical and Basic Science Undergraduate Medical Students in a Caribbean Medical School
P Ravi Shankar, Ramanan Balasubramanium, Neelam R Dwivedi, Ravi Ramireddy, Byron Barton
Full Text (PDF)

Students Perception of Effective Teaching Practices in a Medical School
H Shyamala Hande, Surekha R Kamath, Jessica D’Souza
Full Text (PDF)

The Interdisciplinary Education Perception Scale (IEPS): Which Factor Structure?
Brett Vaughan, Chris Macfarlane, Terri Dentry, Gina Mendoza
Full Text (PDF)

Innovative Idea

The holistic approach to clinical problem using Fishbone format: A simple way for clinical reasoning
Omar AR Bawazir
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