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Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

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Volume 8, No. 3, 2016
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Review Article

The Impact of Problem Based Learning versus Conventional Education on Students in the Aspect of Clinical Reasoning and Problem Solving
Ahmed Aldarmahi
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Medical Student Motivation and Well-being: A Systematic Review
Mataroria P. Lyndon, Thomas Masters, Tzu-Chieh Yu, Robert Shao, Hussain Alyami, Marcus Henning, Andrew G. Hill
Full Text (PDF)  |  EPUB

Original Article

Stressors and Coping Strategies during Clinical Practices among Diploma Nursing Students
Rusnani Ab Latif, Mohd Zarawi Mat Nor
Full Text (PDF)  |  EPUB

Teaching and Assessment of Professionalism: A Comparative Study between Two Medical Schools
Hani Atwa, Mona Ghaly, Somaya Hosny
Full Text (PDF)  |  EPUB

Disposal Practices of Unused and Unwanted Medications among Patients in a Tertiary Hospital
Ming Tsuey Lim
Full Text (PDF)  |  EPUB

Prevalence of Burnout among Universiti Sains Malaysia Medical Students
Ri Wei Andrew Chin, Yun Yuan Chua, Min Ning Chu, Nur Farhanie Mahadi, Muhammad Saiful Bahri Yusoff, Mung Seong Wong, Yeong Yeh Lee
Full Text (PDF)  |  EPUB

Structuring Quality Education by Proposing Physical Infrastructure of a Medical School
Ashfaq Akram, Muhammad Zahedi Daud, Rizwan Farzana, Md Gapar Md Joha, Rahmatullah Khan
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Special Communication

Using Delphi Technique: Making Sense of Consensus in Concept Mapping Structure and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Rusnani Ab Latif, Rasidah Mohamed, Akehsan Hj. Dahlan, Hj. Mohd Zarawi Mat Nor
Full Text (PDF)  |  EPUB


Medical Ethics Made Easy: A Book Review
M. Anthony David
Full Text (PDF)  |  EPUB

Tailoring Teaching Instructions According to Student’s Different Learning Styles: Are We Hitting the Right Button?
Keng Sheng Chew
Full Text (PDF)  |  EPUB