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Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

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Volume 6, No. 4, 2014
Review Article

A Brief Review on Multimedia-Based Health Education Applications: Current Trend and Future Potential
Lua Pei Lin, Nor Khaira Wahida Khairuzzaman
Full Text (PDF)

The Flipped Classroom: Viewpoints in Asian Universities
Chua Shu Min Joanne, Fatimah Lateef
Full Text (PDF)

Original Article

Construct Validity of Five Assessment Instruments at the End of Pre-Clerkship Phase in a PBL Curriculum
Salah Eldin Kassab, Mariam Fida, Ahmed Al Ansari
Full Text (PDF)

Recognition of Stressors in Postgraduate Students of a Teaching University in Pakistan
Darayus P. Gazder, Annie Adnan Ali, Durre Fatima Naqvi, Nosheen Zehra, Irum Memon, Abdul Rafay
Full Text (PDF)

Stress and Coping Strategies among Premedical and Undergraduate Basic Science Medical Students in a Caribbean Medical School
Shankar PR, Balasubramanium R, Ramireddy R, Diamante P, Barton B, Dwivedi NR
Full Text (PDF)

The Development of Pattern Recognition via Clinical Experience: A Preliminary Study
Kazuhisa Matsui, Kotaro Kawaguchi
Full Text (PDF)

Associations between Gender, Year of Study and Empathy Level With Attitudes towards Animal Welfare among Undergraduate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Students in Universiti Putra Malaysia
Fazerin Azra Mohamed Azahar, Nik Mohd Rizal Mohd Fakri, Mohamad Najib Mat Pa
Full Text (PDF)


Challenges in Implementing an Integrated Curriculum in Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba
P Ravi Shankar
Full Text (PDF)

Empowering the Patient through the Development of Core Competencies
Vijay Rajput, Krysta Contino, Marcus Henning
Full Text (PDF)

Short Communication

Facebook, Twitter and #MedEd: Investigating Social Networking Usage among Medical
Jeewanjit Gill, Brittany Harrison, Christopher J. Ramnanan, Timothy J. Wood, Alireza Jalali
Full Text (PDF)

Students’ Acceptance towards Entrepreneurship Module at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Mohamad Nurman Yaman, Mohammad Arif Kamarudin, Mohd Nasri Awang Besar, Siti Mariam Bujang, Abdus Salam, Harlina Halizah Siraj, Nabishah Mohamad
Full Text (PDF)

Innovative Idea

A Novel Approach for Investigating Curricular Redundancy
Kenneth D Royal, Georgette A Dent
Full Text (PDF)