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Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

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Volume 13, No. 2, 2021
Review Article

The Yin and Yang of 24 Season Drums for Physical and Musical Literacy among Medical Students: A Narrative Review
Vincent Tee, Garry Kuan
Full Text (PDF)

Original Article

Application and Relevancy of Anatomy Curriculum in the Clinical Years: A Malaysian University Experience
Rani Sakaran, Noor Azzizah Omar, Noormaliza Omar, Suhaila Sanip, Ku Mastura Ku Mohd Noor, Mohd Hairulhisyam Ngatiman, Nadeeya 'Ayn Umaisara Mohamad Nor, Sharifa Abdul Aziz
Full Text (PDF)

Developing a Professionalism Education Framework at the Institutional Level with Multidisciplinary Consensus
Chew Fei Sow, Chandratilake MN, Nadarajah VD
Full Text (PDF)

Computer-Based Simulation by Emergency Medicine Resident-Educator for Medical Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Ho Shu Fang, Tan Ming Jing Elizabeth, Fatimah Lateef
Full Text (PDF)

Perceptions of Mentors and Mentees towards the Mentoring System at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre
Mohammad Arif Kamarudin, Shah-Abas Muhamad Md Shah, Noor Aisyah Somkam Ismail, Teh Pui Yen, Aini Syahirah Shamsul, Hasnurul Idayu Che Razali, Abdus Salam
Full Text (PDF)

Special Communication

Anatomy Teaching and Learning in Malaysia during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Tg Fatimah Murniwati Tg Muda, Madihah Rushaidhi, Choy Ker Woon, Jagadeesh Dhamodharan, Norzana Abdul Ghafar, Wong Kah Hui, Razif Abas, Teoh Seong Lin, Siti Nurma Hanim Hadie
Full Text (PDF)

Short Communication

An Intervention to Remediate Unprofessional Behaviours of Pre-Clinical Medical Students
Chan Choong Foong, Nurul Atira Khairul Anhar Holder, Aswini R Dutt, Hidayah Mohd Fadzil
Full Text (PDF)


Why Assessment Which Carries No Grades and Marks Is the Key for the Future of Education?
Mohd Salami Ibrahim, Muhamad Saiful Bahri Yusoff, Ahmad Fuad Abdul Rahim
Full Text (PDF)

Common Myths about Entrustable Professional Activities
Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Mohamed M Al-Eraky
Full Text (PDF)

Educational Resources

A Case of Incest in a Malaysian Child: The Ethical and Legal Implications
Nur Jannah Abdul Ghani, Siti Aqilah Muhamad, Nur'amahirah Hasan Zaki, Mohd Assyakir Shamsuddin, Fahisham Taib
Full Text (PDF)